Yoga Keynsham use Pilates, Hatha Yoga and meditation as rehabilitation tools for reducing back pain, minimising stress and increasing energy levels. Classes and programs are down to earth, effective, safe and fun. Clients feel recharged, reconnected and restored.

Classes & Programs

Your life is going so fast, there are just not enough hours in the day, your busy at work, busy at home. Your phone never stops ringing and you feel stressed.  If this mental frustration is getting the best of you, you might want to give yoga & meditation a try.

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Great for team building and bonding. Choose from standard yoga class,  partner yoga, strength and core class, meditation or stress relief techniques or a combination class tailored to your request.  All mats will be provided. Available on request.

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Walking Groups

Parents and their babies (buggy walk) in Keynsham

Join us for a gentle walk in Keynsham.  We will finish up back at a café in Keynsham with time to chat in a relaxed atmosphere.

So if you are home alone, why not come join us, make some new friends, get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors

Whatever the weather a walk in the fresh air with people in the same boat is always what the doctor ordered!

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Pilates for Backs online

Pilates for Backs is a proven and tested and gentle step to step system which has been specifically formulated and systematically designed for lower back pain helping  you reduce the risk of long term medical care. 

You can do this programme in the comfort of your own home, staying at a hotel, in your garden or indeed anywhere! You can do it at a time that suits you.

The Pilates exercises are taught by an expert teacher so you will no longer have to think about your back every moment and you can stop allowing your back to consume every waking thought. 

You will be shown the exact movements to do to reduce your lower back pain. Your back pain will be alleviated so much that it doesn’t impact your life every day.

You will be working with the best expert in reducing lower back pain and reducing impact that back pain has. 

After this programme is complete, you won’t be terrified anymore about picking up something and your back ‘going out’, or struggling to sit down on the toilet or getting off a chair and being in excruciating pain! You will have all the skills and tools to use to keep your back pain away!

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Classes are not currently running (Oct 2019)

One giggleful hour of totally unique laughter experience! Unforgettable girlie and group bonding experience. Great stress-buster, playful, includes laughter warm ups, laughter yoga, loads of giggles and a well deserved relaxation… Available on request.

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Stressed to Zen

Imagine yourself… More calm, balanced and collected.

Let’s be real. Your life feels complicated. You’re bogged down and when the day is over, you just feel wiped. Except at bedtime when you’re lying awake on a rollercoaster of emotions and to-do’s.

A holistic approach to the dilemmas that make you want to pull your hair out and hop on the first plane abroad. Courses run in the New Year and Summer.

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