Do you have ‘all the gear, but no idea?’ If so, my beginners yoga class is for you.

Starting any new class can be daunting but a yoga class comes with many misconceptions; will the teacher twist me into a pretzel-shape, what if I or someone else farts? (come on, we have all thought it!) What if I can’t keep up with the poses or breathing?

Unfortunately I didn’t take to my first teacher as she tried to twist me into a pretzel-position as I was very flexible – almost verging on hypermobility – but after, I realised that this position didn’t suit every part of my body. With time, I realised, I needed to listen to my body and recognise what felt good and what I resisted and this matched up with the elements and style of Hatha Yoga, a practice I have done for many years. I feel so passionately about this style of yoga that in 2014 I qualified as a teacher.

As a first time student there is so much information given to you that it is natural to want to take it all in and try and be good at it – creating a natural competition within yourself and others to keep up. I’ve come to realise that this is impossible, the positions and breathing come with time and practice. I regularly tell my students that it is ok to not get the breathing right just as long as you keep breathing!

There is no such thing as being ‘good’ at yoga – yes some are more flexible than others, but we all practice with the capabilities within our body and we are there for ourselves to strengthen, restore and rejuvenate. Some of my students have long term injuries or health conditions and it is essential they feel comfortable and safe in every position and we work, discreetly, together on this.

I try to create a safe space within all of my classes where people feel comfortable and relaxed to be who they are. I have soft background music to help invite people into the space and calm the mind. I have a good sense of humour and try to have a giggle during appropriate moments and encourage my students to do the same. By creating this atmosphere I hope people will feel encouraged to be themselves with the intention of building a community of people based on yoga and friendships.

So if you haven’t got ‘all the gear’ and you have ‘no idea’ – it doesn’t matter… Let me guide you into a slow steady yoga practice where you won’t be put into positions and there will be no pressure to keep, but you’ll come away feeling you have done something for yourself, you’ll meet lovely people and will feel physically stronger and calmer in your mind.

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